Welcome to a world of holistic well-being. We shall attend to
your individual needs with pleasure, discretion and empathy.
Whatever your physical or psychological concerns may be:

Your journey to a new self here at Midbary, Nord West Negev (not far from the desert) Israel,
will be worth the effort

Therapeutic Fasting , medically supervised, organized into 3 stages:
The planning and  the preparatory phase, the fasting procedures and the reconditioning phase.
The regenerative healing power of fasting for the soul, body, and spirit is maximized when supported by rest and movement, stimulation of eliminatory processes,  close individual monitoring and assistance, supplemented by the fasting itself,  and “nourishment of the soul”.
Our guests at Midbary are treated by a therapeutic team from a range of professional disciplines: medicine, nutritional sciences, psychology, physiotherapy, movement and care, health education, culture and spirituality.
When an individual is in the process of fasting, it is beneficial for his/her body to be in a place where the whole community is fasting, so that it can grow together in a supportive manner. In both these cases the openness for spiritual enrichment is maximized

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